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Picket Line Monitors


Corporate Investigation Services (CIS) is actively recruiting Private Investigators (P.I.) and Security Guards (S.G.) licensed to work in the Province of Ontario.

CIS Picket Line Monitors (PLMs)

If you are a team player with prior labour dispute experience this position may be of interest to you.  Location and hours of work vary so flexibility and willingness to travel for indeterminate periods of time are key to success in this field. Picket Line Monitors must currently be licensed to work as Private Investigators, Security Guards, or both, in the Province of Ontario.

CIS Picket Line Monitors are responsible for monitoring picket activities at all potential sites that are involved in the labour dispute. PLMs are trained in conflict de-escalation techniques and act as a buffer between the company, the union and the general public. Picket Line Monitors report potential problems and work to persuade union members to picket in accordance with provincial law, injunctions and or picket line protocols.


Primary responsibilities include:

  1. Gather and supply video evidence for both the injunction process and any criminal activity that may occur during a labour dispute (P.I. and Dual license holders only);
  2. ensure that picketers are picketing on public property and that picketing is conducted in a lawful manner;
  3. able to encourage (union) picket line captains to observe agreed upon protocols for non-striking employees and members of the public to cross picket lines; in the absence of agreed upon protocols, to work with the picket line captains in an effort to ensure that delays are minimized, and to assist the picket line captains to maintain order, resolve issues locally wherever possible and, where appropriate, seek additional assistance;
  4. able to de-escalate confrontational situations by dealing directly with members of the public, picketers and non-striking employees;
  5. able to coordinate the safe passage of non-striking employees and members of the public who wish to cross picket lines;
  6. follow established procedures in the event of emergencies; and,
  7. when dealing with occurrences on the picket line, the PLMs shall review the situation calmly and use their best judgment, follow established procedures wherever possible and seek assistance wherever necessary.

Skills and Abilities

The skills and abilities required include:

  1. Self management and the ability to work as part of a team
  2. Excellent observational skills
  3. Strong analytical skills
  4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  5. Conflict resolution skills
  6. The technical expertise required to gather the video evidence to support civil, criminal and or injunction proceedings where required
  7. Self-confidence to present information in court or other quasi-judicial venues as required
  8. Working knowledge of the pertinent laws
  9. Honesty and integrity
  10. Patience and perseverance
  11. Ability to stand for extended periods of time
  12. The ability to work outside in all weather conditions.

Minimum Requirements

Private Investigator license, Security Guard license or Dual PI/SG license issued in the Province of Ontario
A minimum of 960 hours of active deployment in labour disputes
Flexibility to work on short notice for indeterminate duration and in varying locations
Willing to travel overnight and weekends and for extended periods of time

To Apply

Interested applicants can forward their resumes and cover letter to  Please include your P.I., S.G. or Dual license number in your cover letter.


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