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"Facing an employee integrity concern is never easy.
We understand that initiating a workplace investigation can be a stressful event.  At times, you know that it is necessary; if only to validate that there is no concern."

- Michael, President

Our Goal is to Help You:

  • Review unbiased information with third-party fact-finding services
  • Avoid business losses due to fraudulent or mismanaged claims
  • Mitigate legal risk due to mismanaged evidence
  • Apply disciplinary action to help resolve cases in a constructive manner
  • Conduct discreet investigations within legislation
  • Protect your brand reputation

With decades of experience providing discreet and confidential services, we equip employers with the facts they need to make a decision to pursue further action if needed.

Our consultative approach will provide you with sound recommendations on what action to consider and on how to avoid similar situations in the future.

Our Approach

We consult our clients regarding their concerns and oftentimes, we provide recommendations to consider alternative approaches to investigations.

We understand that employers don't want to be left speculating if they have done their due diligence or not.  That is why our initial consultations are always complimentary.

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