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New Year – New Hires Checklist

It’s here, the new year. You’ve got fresh goals and a brand-new desire with purpose to recruit the best-of-the-best. As you revisit your recruiting and hiring fundamentals, we’ve put together a checklist that includes everything you need to focus on to help you attract more quality talent.

Take some time to define what makes you unique. What is it that makes you a better workplace than your competitors? Maybe it’s that you have an energetic work culture that provides a better work-life balance. Potentially it could be that your company pays for related education to promote career growth.

Whatever it is that sets you apart from other companies, write it down and then promote it!

Your company’s job posting is the first opportunity to convince a job seeker that this is the place for them.

While branding and cohesive language is important in a job description, content is everything. Brag about your company benefits and what you have to offer the candidate. Let them know directly what the role entails and don’t be afraid to include your salary range. These are important aspects to include in your newly drafted postings.

Most HR professionals release their job postings on the same platforms each time and then wait for applicants. Times are changing. In order to obtain the best, most competitive talent you’ve got to reach out to them.

Spend some extra time on LinkedIn. Their algorithms tend to match people with places.  Often in your feed you’ll discover great people commenting on your company posts, or even highlighted in your feed. Reach out and say hello.

Local community or even social media groups are an interesting place to find top talent. If the group relates to your industry or business sector, this is where you want to be. You’ll discover people, interests and conversations that will lead the way for you to make an introduction to a potential new candidate.

Once you’ve got a stream of new candidates for your roles, standard background screening is crucial.

Often what we see in the forefront is not what appears. When you’re hiring new employees, connect with an established background screening partner to vet their criminal record, employer references and even their social media impact/threat scores for your company.

As your postings will eventually make it online, don’t forget to be SEO savvy. Search Engine Optimization keywords and descriptions for your posting will ensure that that your jobs land high in the search engine results.

One great tip is to keep your job titles relevant to today’s terminology. Keep the titles within 1-3 words for maximum searching results for the candidates.  Finally, when writing your job de

Whether you’re looking for top-talent or candidates are finding you, by being aware of these checklist items you’ll stay ahead in the recruiting game.

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