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Harassment, Bullying and Workplace Violence (Certificate of Training)

Harassment, Bullying and Workplace Violence (Certificate of Training)

When the early signs of workplace violence raise their heads, it is critical to manage that potential through sound conflict resolution mechanisms. Bullying and other forms of harassment and discrimination, if not dealt with appropriately, can turn victims in perpetrators.


  1. The training workshop will provide a cursory overview of the concepts of harassment and discrimination fit into the phenomenon of violence in the workplace.
  2. An examination of “bullying in the workplace” will lead into the cursory analysis of three (3) case studies, followed by one (1) in-depth analysis of extreme lethal workplace violence;
  3. Followed by a brief overview of the:
  4. Profile of the typical perpetrator of violence
  5. Characteristics of the vulnerable employees
  6. Characteristics of the vulnerable workplace
  7. Finally an examination of the conflict resolution process will examine
  8. a) Sources and types of workplace conflict
  9. b) Conflict resolution as a core competency
  10. c) How to respond to angry people safely and effectively
  11. d) Using collaborative language, listening, and speaking assertively
  12. e) Making constructive conflict acceptable in the workplace.



The participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize and explain the meanings of discrimination, harassment, bullying, criminal harassment, and criminal threatening with knowledge of what constitutes assault as they relate to violence in the workplace;
  2. Recognize and explain how violence can escalate and when appropriate intervention should occur;
  3. Recognize and explain how discrimination and psychological harassment can lead to physical assault and the potential for lethal violence; and
  4. Recognize and explain: