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Leadership | 2019 Conference for Influencers

In a world of information overload, the Leadership Conference focuses on the issues most relevant to today’s realm of influencers, directors, managers, coordinators and change-makers. It brings together like-minded professionals united by their passion to stimulate new thinking and cultivate action.

Conference for Influencers

Date:                    Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Time:                    9:00am to 4:00pm
Location:            Stoneridge Inn & Conference Centre
                               6675 Burtwistle Ln, London

Cost:                     $400 (includes HST)30
Includes Hot Breakfast, Lunch & Break Offerings

VIP Early Bird $350 register by October 30
Plus get special seating, gift pack and extra draw ballot $300 CASH DRAW

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This collaborative content presented by industry leaders, will have you leaving, ready to tackle your own challenges in creative and innovative ways!
* Talk with a Member of Parliament about related health and science issues
* Learn how to plan an internal investigation process and avoid pitfalls
* See what lies ahead in cyber security and how to prevent attacks
* Understand how to maximize your best options after an internal investigation
* Learn about the latest trend in background screening for candidates
* Network with other professionals who are facing similar challenges


Marilyn Gladu MP *Candidate for Minister of Health
Crisis Facing Canada’s Healthcare

Marilyn Gladu is the Member of Parliament for Sarnia-Lambton. She received the MacLean’s award for most “Collegial Parliamentarian” as voted by the other members of Parliament.  Marilyn served as the Official Opposition Science Critic, as well as the Chair for the Status of Women. She directly spearheaded her private members bill, C-277 (on palliative care) that received unanimous consent of the House of Commons and Senate and most recently named this year’s Senior Advocate Award winner. We are blessed to have Marilyn Gladu speak as the Shadow Minister for Health and the one to watch as the primary contender for Canada’s Minister of Health during this upcoming election.

Marilyn will discuss what needs to be done regarding government funding, the allocation of medical goods and services and whether the cost of using healthcare is driving us to privatization. An open Q&A will be held and Marilyn will answer as many questions as possible during this morning session. Please submit your questions to [email protected] no later than October 30.

Mike Arntfield PhD *Senior Investigator at Corporate Investigation Services

Internal Investigations Roadmap

Dr. Michael Arntfield is a tenured Professor at Western University and a Senior Investigator Corporate Investigation Services (CIS). Mike is a practicing, licensed Private Investigator as well as a Criminologist and a published author of many books, distributed in Canada and the United States. Dr. Arntfield teaches advanced investigative techniques as well as forensic interviewing. He is a riveting speaker who will, no doubt, captivate, engage and draw you into wanting to know more.

Mike will talk about what triggers an investigation, planning your process, communications, who to interview and in what order, preparing to conduct interviews and pitfalls to avoid.

Jeremy Samide *CEO of Stealthcare cyber security crisis firm

How to Prevent an Advanced Internet Invasion

Jeremy is a sought after Cybersecurity speaker in the areas of next generation security threats for Insurance companies, Banks and all manner of Corporations in Canada, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and across the USA. As a leading Cybersecurity expert with over 17 years of private sector, government security consulting and research and development work. Jeremy’s expertise in the analytical, technical, advisory and tactical knowledge of next generation cyber security threats will speak to the signs that a cyber attack is imminent and how to prevent it.

Cyber security amongst nation states, rogue states and hacker collective groups (Hacktivism) has become a center of gravity for conflict. Governments, corporations of all sizes, high net worth families and individuals have all fallen victim to large scale data breaches, which have resulted in billions of dollars in damage, lost productivity, theft and reputational risk. There is an upward trend in both random and targeted attacks that are politically, socially and financially driven. Zero day exploits are having a global economic impact. The use of malware, phishing attacks and ransomware are continuing unabated. Hackers are successfully transforming from cutting edge pranksters to high profile cyber terrorists. These non-state actors will serve as a platform for state sponsored groups who will begin to carry out their methods.

Have you been compromised? Understand the innerworkings of the deep and dark web, who’s down there, why and dispel the myths behind hackers and their ill-gotten scores. Learn valuable, practical steps about how to protect your family, tangible assets, your business and your reputation by developing an in-depth cyber defense.

Ron LeClair B.Comm., LLB, LLM, MBA  *Principal at LeClair and Associates

Investigation Follow Up

Ron Leclair is London’s most sought after employment lawyer. He specializes exclusively in the management side of labour and human rights law. His practice encompasses working with many employers in both the private and public sector. Affectionately referred to as the “Wayne Gretzky of Employment Law”, Ron is a brilliant legal mind with an ability to strategize around obstacles, get results and control outcomes while making it appear effortless. His unique bundle of knowledge and skills in Employment, WSIB and Contract negotiations are unsurpassed by anyone actively practicing these areas of law.  Ron delivers a presentation in a casual, relaxed, and earthy way that leaves attendees feeling confident and empowered to move forward.

The harassment investigation report is back, the results are in and action is required for you to take. What are the next steps? What are the key legal (and practical) considerations? Ron LeClair will walk us through managing the outcome of an investigation – and the fallout – from a legal, human resources and risk mitigation perspective.

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Seats are $400 and include a Hot Breakfast, Lunch and Breaks


$350 by October 30 includes special seating, gift pack and extra draw ballot into the $300 CASH DRAW
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The Leadership |2019 Conference is organized and curated by Corporate Investigation Services | Background Verified®

Background Verified® is a pre-employment background investigation offered to Employment Specialists (Recruiters, Agencies, Career Coaches, Counsellors, Resume Writers) in the business of facilitating employment opportunities for Job Seekers.