Corporations are finding that investigations solely conducted by one or more internal divisions are now being challenged as biased by unions and workers. As an employer you need a solid basis for taking action and defending yourself against claims of inaction and/or unfair treatment. Corporate Investigation Services has provided due diligence and the answer to these allegations in over 38,000 investigations since 1988. We are a professional, discreet and confidential company with over 28 years in the Private Investigation industry. Each case we take on is tailored to meet our clients’ needs, requirements and budget. We guide our clients through the process, discussing and explaining our plan of action before proceeding with any investigation.

CIS’s surveillance results have withstood the test of time and evidentiary scrutiny. Our corporate and insurance clients have successfully challenged fraudulent WSIB claims, exaggerated injury claims, and unjustified absences as a result of the evidence provided by our specialized surveillance investigators.

CIS surveillance investigators are equipped with state of the art equipment and are trained in both static and mobile surveillance techniques. Our investigators are experienced at providing expert testimony at arbitration hearings or courts of law.

To manage the size and complexity of many of the surveillance investigations we have undertaken we have implemented deliverables our clients have come to expect.

  • Investigations commencing within 24 HOURS of notice.
  • One point of contact and daily communication between the assigned investigator and the client.
  • Immediate access to video evidence and investigative reports through our secure, encrypted client portal.
  • File completion including reports, state of the art video evidence, the executive summary, affidavits and any other supporting documentation within 72 hours of completion of surveillance.
  • The C.I.S. team of professional investigators will collaborate with you and your organization on a case by-case basis to limit your exposure to fraudulent or exaggerated claims.