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Video Injunction Gathering

Canadian courts have long recognized legal picketing during a strike as a constitutionally protected right under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. However, the Charter protection does not mean that picketers have carte blanche in respect to their actions, picketing locations, and purpose for picketing. Picketing cannot be used to break the law by committing criminal or tortuous acts. Should it do so, it is illegal picketing and employers may seek relief through an injunction provided strict statutory and common law requirements are met.

Video injunction gathering provides a substantive part of the evidence required in order to seek a court injunction during a strike. The clarity, completeness, and integrity of the video evidence is crucial to obtaining the injunction so it is important that all video evidence be collected, documented, and stored by knowledgeable and experienced injunction investigators and evidence handlers capable of maintaining quality and continuity.


Our evidence handlers and injunction investigators are trained to provide continuity of evidence, documentation, video photography, personnel identification, as well as all necessary intelligence and due diligence required to supply your legal counsel with the statutory and legal evidence they require to obtain a court injunction.

100% success rate
in injunction gathering for clients
98% success rate
of clients being granted an injunction from a Canadian Court

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