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Contingency Planning

A labour disruption contingency plan is a key component of strike preparation. Full preparedness, in advance of your collective bargaining negotiations will provide assurance to your organization that should the bargaining process fail you have mitigated the potential risks that you face in a strike or lockout. Once the union knows you are prepared, their expectations at the negotiating table may be tempered by the knowledge that you are ready for any potential outcome.

Your contingency planning document will provide your human resource, risk management, security and operations teams with the strategic direction they require to continue the safe, effective operation of your facility in the event of a labour dispute.

CIS risk management specialists will work with your contingency planning team to develop a detailed contingency plan that identifies threats or hazards and opportunities for hazard prevention, deterrence, and risk mitigation. The plan will addresses hazards or threats that could cause injury, property damage, business disruption or environmental impact and will document mitigation strategies. The plan will outline requirements for picket line security, materials security, facility security, executive protection, communications, transportation and logistics, evidence gathering and injunction preparation, incident management, costs, replacement personnel, and more.

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