TSCM includes a wide range of professional services, and includes identifying Technical Security Hazards (TSH) and Technical Surveillance Devices (TSD), both hostile and friendly, that significantly increase the risk of a technical compromise such as traffic analysis, audio eavesdropping, economic espionage and the general compromise of sensitive business and personal information resources.

The function of identifying and neutralizing technical compromise, including electronically assisted eavesdropping, surveillance and espionage activities, requires the implementation and coordination of a series of highly specialized professional services. Our experienced Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) personnel, using specialized equipment, will identify and locate eavesdropping equipment, GSM bugs, telephone compromises, and other unauthorized audio and video devices.  TSCM sweeps, also known as bug sweeping and electronic counter surveillance are effective counterespionage measures that protect your sensitive and confidential information from unauthorized access and consequential loss.

A formal TSCM program is essential to the financial viability and overall success of any small and medium business, corporation, manufacturing operation, commercial enterprise and government. Assessing the level of risk particular to your business operation requires an informed management team and the advice of a knowledgeable Technical Security Specialist (TSS) external to the organization.

Business organizations can operate with confidence when known and sometimes unknown risks are identified and corrective action is taken to minimize the possibility of a Technical Security (TSEC) compromise.

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